From a Gravestone

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buy From a Gravestone on ComixologyThe project starts from a tale divided into 8 “depositions” of various characters. These 8 parts together make up a choral story. We asked 8 different artists to create a graphic novel on each of these testimonies with the style and technique that best suited them.
We let them create settings and characters as they wish, with the intention to create a heterogeneous comic strip. The underlying idea is to enhance how reality, with its connected events, changes according to the subjective interpretation of the single. Hence, there are no place or character reference models to follow, but only a written pilot that evolves together with the drawers that join the project.
The artists involved have enthusiastically embraced the project. They have given their personal form of expression, which we have collected in volumes.

From a Gravestone – The Origins




Thanks to Inter-Comics Podcast for this interview!


Giorgia Lanza (Site)
Simone de Paolis (BLOG)(FB)
Lorenzo Armezzani (BLOG)(FLCKR)
Lorenzo Magalotti (BLOG)(FB) + Martina Tommasi (BLOG)
Fabio Cioffi (BLOG)(FB)
Mauro “Onikorosu” Gulma (BLOG)(DA)
Vittorio Astone (BLOG)(FB)
Antonio Russo Tantaro (FB)
Lorenzo Ramadoro (Writer)
Federica Giulietti (Editor)


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